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As we go through life, striving for what we think will make us happy and fulfilled, let us keep in mind that, as author and “success expert” Brian Tracy says, “successful people are simply those with successful habits.”

Multiple studies reveal a link between exercise and well-being, which doesn’t surprise any of us. We know that a habit of exercise makes us feel better. But many people struggle to create such a habit. Myself included!

Habits can be hard to create, as we all know.

My job is not to ask the question “Why is creating an exercise habit so hard” but instead to ask “What helps us create a new exercising habits?”

When we ask that question, here’s one tip that I have found helpful:


Having a buddy helps. The “buddy system” has been proven. In fact, a study from the Department of Kinesiology at Indiana University surveyed married couples who joined health clubs together and found that couples who worked out separately had a 43 percent dropout rate over the course of a year, while those who went to the gym together had only a 6.3 percent dropout rate. This works not just with married couples but with friends and groups, too.

Additionally, if you need even more motivation, keep this in mind:

In his book Spark, John Ratey shows that physical exercise helps our brains make neurons faster. This explains why when we are exercising regularly we can think better. Also, exercise helps ward off the effects of old age. In fact, people who exercise regularly are less likely to get Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s because their brain is being renewed through a process called neurogenesis.

Creating a healthy habit, wether it be exercising or something else, can help you feel better and be more successful. This buddy method approach can help with exercising, or any habit you’re trying to make.

Wishing you success in creating your healthy habits!


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